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CameraRC Main Features
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Windows PC and MAC running Windows Compatible.
CameraRC requires Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. It can also be run on a MAC with an aforementioned version of Windows using Boot Camp or a Virtual Machine.
Maximum Tethered Control of your Nikon Camera.
CameraRC provides the most comprehensive control of your camera available. Depending on your camera model, CameraRC provides access of up to 100 and more of your camera controls. With CameraRC you control not just the basics of shooting, but also most of the controls that are buried in the various camera menus. This could all lead to confusion, but our tabbed control layout is designed to give you quick and easy access to controls you need in any shooting situation, and our unique Quick Control Finder locates any buried controls with just a few key strokes. Download a copy by clicking on the link to right and see just how CameraRC can compliment your tethered and studio shooting.
Composition Aids.
CameraRC has 3 main composition aids available:

Image masks are transparent png files that can be created in Photoshop or equivalent programs and used for framing or otherwise composing an image.

Onion Skins are previously captured images that can be overlayed onto the live view display; these are typically used when creating similar images or when creating images to later be combined in Photoshop or other editor.

Gridlines that are used to help align images to a specific location in the frame.

You can read more about composition aids in our help file, or watch our video tutorial on the topic.

Extended Bracketing.
Extended Bracketing gives CameraRC the capability to do exposure bracketing over an extended range for both number of exposures and EV range. With extended bracketing you can have brackets with up to 31 shots and shoot to a maximum of plus/minus 5 EV. Take a look at the help page for details.  
Movie Live View Recording and Saving.
CameraRC now supports live view and recording of movies as well as transfer of movies after capture to your computer. With CameraRC you can now do your movie creation from the convenience of your computer. CameraRC lets you fully control the movie recording experience and the download of completed movies to the computer.
Focus Stack Capture.
CameraRC can now capture a sequence of images each at a different focus point automatically. You can then use software like CombineZ to create an image with extended depth of field.
Save and restore your camera settings.
All the settings that you make in CameraRC can be easily saved to a user specified file and then later retrieved back to the camera. This makes it easy to have different control settings for different shooting sessions and to easily retrieve and set those settings. Save-settings
Automatic image Save and Backup.
CameraRC automatically downloads your images from the camera to the computer as part of the capture process. You have the option to save your JPG and RAW images to different locations and also to automatically create a mirror (backup) copy of the image to an alternate location on the computer thus ensuring protection of your precious pictures. CameraRC gives you total control over where your images are saved.
Quick Control Finder.
Our Control Finder makes it easy to locate the control you need. Just type in a word associated with the control (can be in the control name or part of the tool tip text) and the control finder will locate all possible controls. You can then click and hover on a control name to see the purpose of the control.

When you find the control you want just double click on it and the control finder will take you to that control and blink/highlight the control for easy identification.
Virtual Horizon Display
With supported cameras display a virtual horizon on your live view image to get your images level. The virtual horizon shows both rotation and pitch depending on your camera model. Save-settings
Rule of Thirds and Golden Spiral
CameraRC can optionally display both Rule of Thirds and a Golden Spiral composition aids on your Live View image. The golden spiral can be flipped and rotate to occupy any quadrant of the image.
Easy Text and Date/Time Entry
Text fields are easy to entry. For example shown below are the fields to enter the copyright and comment information.

CameraRC also make it simple to set the Date/time as desired or to set the date/time to that of the computer with the single click of a button.

Interval Shooting.
CameraRC lets you do interval shooting with any Nikon Camera. The time interval for shooting can be set in 3 ways, either by the number of photographs to be taken, using start and stop time, or by setting the length of a time interval. CameraRC provides enhanced ease of use by highlighting the settings that need to be set in each mode.

Custom Picture Control Wizard.
The Custom Picture Control Wizard walks you through setting up and naming a custom picture control. This wizard makes the creation of custom picture controls much easier.

Image & Live view histogram
The histogram can be display both in live view and for a captured image and can be positioned anywhere on the monitor. As new images are captured the histogram updates to the latest image.

Floating Live View Window.
The floating Live view window can be positioned anywhere on the monitor and if you have multiple monitors can be positioned on either monitor. The floating live view gives you a larger image to view when focusing and composing the image.

Multiple Monitor Support.
CameraRC supports multiple monitors for display of any floating windows. Thus you can position the Floating Live View window, Full Screen Capture Display, Histogram, or Image details on a different monitor from the main CameraRC control panel. 
Full Screen Capture display.
As images are captured they can be displayed full screen in a separate floating window with the display being updated as each capture is complete; this is a great way to display the images while you are shooting to a client or model and get immediate reaction and feedback. With multiple monitors the full screen image can be displayed on one monitor while the CameraRC control display is on a separate monitor. You can quickly move between images either by clicking on the Thumbnail to display or by using the left and right arrow keys to move forward and backward through the images when the full screen image has the focus.