CameraRC has a growing list of happy customers who find CameraRC to be the best Camera Control Pro alternative. Here is what a few of them have to say.

Jon Biehle
"The CameraRC software is simply amazing! I have tried everything that is available for remote camera control, and CameraRC is tops, hands down. I do a lot of medical photography where focus, white balance, and exposure are supercritical. CameraRC allows me to quickly take serial photos with quick adjustment; no more fumbling with the camera back buttons for adjustment!! CameraRC is exponentially superior to any other program available! And all for a super reasonable price. I highly recommend this software to anyone who is interested in tethering their Nikon. Can't wait to try the interval shooting portion."

Christopher Bradbury F.M.P.A. - cbphto
"The new release is superb ... Thanks again for doing such a sterling job on the software."

"I must tell you that your product is awesome and it is only surpassed by your customer service: response time, genuine interest in perfecting CameraRC and the total experience. Thank you!"

Jan Cools - Jan_Cools_Fotografie
"I would definitely purchase CameraRC. I have used the Nikon Camera Control during a 30 day evaluation period and found it just too expensive to justify. Other tethering software on the internet(for free) are just too limited and have too many bugs to even consider using"

Darryl Kelly - Kelly Photography
"Ecstatic about new upgrade. Pictures saved to camera card as well as computer, saved to usb drive without problem, camera counter not reset, excellent with no glitches. Full screen works well. Just shot a local political candidate without any problems, finally found a tethering program that works extremely well with minimal cost."

Jules Oille - Jules Design
"I just wanted to let you know that I love your software. I use it with all of my in-studio product photography shoots; I simply could not operate without it. I really like this program because it allows me to securitize every image prior to shooting the next. My business is growing and I plan to buy more licenses. "

Lars Nilsson
"The user interface is *so* neat, and the software uses the available monitor area much better than Nikon Camera Control Pro, which only uses a small area and attempts to squeeze in it's controls - not that it has that much to squeeze in; CameraRC provides much more control over your camera.".

Mark Rigsby
"Just to let you know I did a three hour studio shoot with a model Sunday and the software was awesome I am a very happy customer."

Christian Sasse - SassePhoto
"I have tested several tethering software solutions for my Nikon D4 with WT-5 wireless control, and CameraRC is the clear winner. Initially there were some bugs in the software and I was pleasantly surprised at the fast fixes of under two hours with a new version release. Highly recommended!"

Abel Asinamali
"I use CameraRC to shoot events and I must say that it is absolutely fantastic, far better than Nikon’s Camera Control Pro 2. I really appreciate your great customer service."